Further reports from YAPC::Europe

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Thanks to those who've been uploading photos to Flickr and tagging them with yapceu07. Here's one by S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni of Leon Brocard and his pet camel:


Dave Cantrell reports on each day's activities: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

The conference dinner at a Heuriger on the outskirts of Vienna was great. The orga-punks had hired a small fleet of buses to get us there and back, and one of the sponsors laid on a great buffet. The local wine was pretty damned fine too, and then the evening de-generated into Schnapps, with toasts to Her Majesty, to her splendid navy, and to The Village People.

BinGOs has made available the slides he used for the POE Hackathon: introduction and main slide set. [ Ed: these links are timing out for me right now, but I hope they'll come good soon. ]

osfameron has uploaded his "Big Bad Wolf" slides -- all about debugging web applications -- to slideshare:

Smylers spoke at YAPC::Europe about How to talk at a Perl conference for beginners.

If you've recently created some amazing software that you're eager to evangelize then that's an obvious thing to talk about. But what if you haven't? That's OK -- there's lots of good stuff you can talk about that's produced by others who aren't at the conference, or don't have time to create presentations about it, or are so close to the project that they can't relate to beginners, or ...

If you'd like to present at YAPC next year, or any other Perl conference, his guide should get you started.

And finally, domm has been posting links to further videos of YAPC::Europe on YouTube. We showed you the pre-conference dinner in our previous post, but now videos of Tuesday and Wednesday are also available. I really like the second one:

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