News from YAPC::Europe


A quick round-up of news and links from Vienna, where the community-run YAPC::Europe conference is currently in progress.

domm reports on the pre-conference dinner with video:

maks gives his take on day one:

The talks are on going, schedule got some last minute updates. Cog gave us a fun keynote on how to socialize in order to get most out of a YAPC. Larry Wall gave his current vision on scripting languages. Matt Trout had a full audience for an enthusiatic talk about the community around DBIx::Class. Hackathons are ongoing and domm is preparing videos of the welcome night. The Selenium talk by Barbie got high prise. gwolf did a very good presentation about the challenges of the Debian Perl group. So the first day looks like a win and we are happy to see how it will go on.. :)

Rija has been live-blogging each day: Tuesday and Wednesday are up so far.

A few people on Flickr have been tagging their photos with yapceu07 -- if anyone else is uploading photos, please do the same! Here's one by Andy Armstrong of Mark Jason Dominus, author of Higher-Order Perl:


And finally, next year's YAPC::EU will be in Copenhagen. jonasbn reports the news on


Aside: there’s no easy way to navigate to a particular tag from the Flickr homepage, so it would be helpful if the tag wasn’t just set in bold, but actually linked to yapceu07 on Flickr.

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