makes improvements in searching

| 6 Comments, which for many people is the CPAN, has added a crucial little enhancement. The star ratings given to distributions at now appear on the search results. This makes it easy to tell at a glance which modules may best serve your needs.

Say you want a module to work with Excel spreadsheets. Now, when you search on "Excel", the star ratings in the results give the searcher starting points.

Thanks to Graham Barr for making this change.


Nice feature, but it would be even cooler if the "2 reviews" would be a direct link to the list of reviews.

Nice feature. Thanks for the announcement! (And I agree with Moritz).

This is a great change. My thanks to Graham!

I'd like to go directly to the documentation when I type in an exact module name. i.e. a search for WWW::Mechanize should go here, rather than search results page. Wikipedia does something similar.

bazbax: You can set up a keyword in Firefox so typing "perldoc M::B" goes to", which goes to where you want.

This is awesome. I noticed the change earlier but it didn't click.

This is a great boon to CPAN users everywhere.

Many thanks to Graham!

Moritz - I emailed Graham and asked him to do that, and he did very promptly. Hooray!

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