YAPC::Europe is nearly upon us

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It's only a week until YAPC::Europe, Europe's grass-roots, community-run Perl conference. This year's is being held in Vienna from August 28th to 30th, and if you haven't registered yet, it looks like you can still do so.

YAPC conferences are always packed full of fantastic sessions, and this one is no exception. Take a look at the schedule with its three consecutive streams of talks and two rooms for hackathons. There will also be BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions) which are being organised via the conference's wiki so be sure not to miss them.

And now, some notices:

Greg McCarroll seeks stuff to auction

For many years, Greg has been running a charity auction at YAPC to benefit The Perl Foundation. Items auctioned range from the serious to the silly, and it's the novelty items that make the auction an unmissable event.

Greg writes:

There are 8 days left till the YAPC::Europe auction and I've realised I don't have one novelty item to auction. I've just been too busy starting work at Venda (a Perl shop in London with I'd guess about 20 Perl hackers and hiring more) to contact people. So I'd really like people to contact me with ideas, in the past we've had things like ...

  • Signed photo's of buffy & willow, to see which was more valuable.
  • Pledges in order to see Damian and Schwern arm wrestle (semi-nakedly).
  • The date of the London.pm meeting (I won!).
  • Japanese meals cooked by Perl mongers.
  • Lessons In hacking the Perl core.

You name it, so please please please, if you have an idea about something I could auction, contact me at greg@mccarroll.org.uk.

Perl Buzz needs you!

If you're going to YAPC::Europe, we need your help! None of our editors will be there, alas, so we're relying on the Perl community to tell us what happens so we can cover it. You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Email us directly with news, reviews, and so forth. The address is editors@perlbuzz.com.
  • Tag your blog posts with yapceu07 so we can find them via the blog search engines.
  • Upload photos to Flickr under a Creative Commons license and tag them with yapceu07.
  • If you take photos and don't use Flickr, but would like us to see them, email the URL of your gallery to editors@perlbuzz.com.

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