CPAN search adds author pictures


This just in from Michael Schwern:

In order to improve recognition of CPAN authors and help users to empathize a bit more with them before they send off a scathing "OMG YOUR MODULE IS GARBAGE I HATE YOU!!!" bug report, now includes pictures of the CPAN authors. Now you can see Graham Barr's grinning mug or RJBS's shining brain dome or Michael Schwern's secret Lorikeet overlord.

The images are drawn from A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. It's pictures associated with an email address. You get the picture for an email by constructing a simple URL to talk to Gravatar::URL does this for you. is simply getting the Gravatar associated with an author's address. If you're a CPAN author, just sign up with using your address and upload a picture.

The Gravatars are cached by Search so if you add your own give it a day or so to catch up.


it would be nice if there was a site somewhere explaining how it works.
for example "If you're a CPAN author, just sign up with using your address". well, which
address? the global or the userdefined?
i tried out both addresses to find out it's the second

second, my gravatar doesn't appear any more. is there
some secret how to get it working again?

I completely agree with all that here is told
So you can find the information on it on my search resource

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