Final YAPC::Europe roundup

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A final handful of YAPC::Europe stuff.  Looks like it was a great conference!

The winner of the Perl Buzz package in the charity auction, supporting the YAPC::Europe Foundation, was Greg McCarroll. Keep an eye out for an article and ad telling you about his favourite topic or cause. He hasn't told me yet what that is, so it's a mystery to all of us.

A number of people posted photos to flickr of a frankly terrifying dinner during the conference. This one's by Bob Walker:


More photos are available here and there. My favourite set are these photos at; they're really fantastic shots, so go check them out. I'd have included some inline here if there was a CC license. jonallen's photos are also worth a look, as are Matt Trout's. Matt's page includes links to blog posts about the conference and, inexplicably, a cookbook for dishes such as "Roast pork with apples cider vinegar and rosemary" and "spiced cheese savouries". Someone's going to have to explain to me how that connects to the conference.

A handful more talks were uploaded to Slideshare, including:

Elsewhere, I dug up these by Matt Trout:

Fair warning though: they're Takahashi style, so a bit tricky to understand without the accompanying speech.

And most importantly, video of the topless arm-wrestling match between domm and Damian Conway -- another item from the auction, I believe, or else YAPC::Europe is stranger than I thought -- has been posted to YouTube:

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My slides are up too, next to stevan's

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