It's sysadmin week at the Perl Survey

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One of the goals of The Perl Survey is to reach out to people who only use Perl occasionally, and might not think of themselves as Perl programmers or as members of the Perl community, and then to find out who they are and how they're using Perl.

During September, the Perl Survey will be focussing on a different group of non-core Perl users each week, and this week it's system administrators.

Perl has long been called "The Duct Tape of the Internet" and many call it "the sysadmin's best friend". If you use any kind of Unix, your system is probably held together by Perl in more ways than you know, from backup scripts to packaging systems to automating day-to-day tasks. But Perl's not just a Unix tool; the range of platforms it runs on, from Windows to the big iron, makes it a sysadmin's friend in all kinds of circumstances.

Many sysadmins write the odd Perl script. (Sometimes it looks like a shell script that grew tentacles, but it's still Perl.) But unless those sysadmins are hooked into the Perl scene, they'll probably never know about the Perl Survey. So, here's a call to action: if you know any sysadmins, whether at your place of employment or at your local drinking establishment, forward them a link to this article, and then ask them to take the Perl Survey.

BOFH coffee cup photo by ErikGjerde, used under CC-BY-NC license.

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