Twitter and Facebook applications for CPAN launched

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Do you Twitter? Are you, like approximately 10 bajillion people worldwide, on Facebook? I'm on both -- and probably about fifty more social networks besides. And I have to say, until now most of them have been missing a vital -- vital, I tell you -- feature: CPAN notifications.

Well, Randy Ray and Leon Brocard to the rescue! The two of them have independently released CPAN notification tools for Twitter and Facebook respectively.


Randy Ray's created a Twitter bot called cpan_linked (as opposed to an older, defunct "cpan" bot), which you can follow and have it notify you of new CPAN releases. Randy wrote about it on

The bot polls the RDF URL every 15min or so, using an If-Modified-Since header. Any new CPAN uploads are queued up for posting to Twitter, spaced out evenly over the 15min waiting period (i.e., if there are two new CPAN uploads then tweet fires immediately and the second waits roughly 7.5 minutes to fire... fifteen new uploads would fire at roughly one-minute intervals) so that it doesn't suddenly spam your Twitter client.

Me, I already read that feed via RSS (for the benefit of CPAN Watch), but if you like your notifications via Twitter then Randy's bot could be just the thing.


Meanwhile, Leon Brocard has released a Facebook app for CPAN notifications, thus letting me take that idea off my own to-do list. The app's called CPAN Friends, and you can install it by clicking on that link (assuming you're a Facebook member already).

CPAN Friends will notify your friends (or rather, any of them who also have CPAN Friends installed) whenever you upload a new release to CPAN. It requires you to enter your PAUSE username and password. In this case I trust Leon not to mis-use them, but it's yet another place where something like OAuth would be great.

Anyway, you can read more about the Facebook app on Leon's journal.

Go check out these apps and let us -- and the authors -- know what you think!

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