Strategic Data offering Perl scholarships

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Strategic Data and Perl Training Australia are offering eight scholarships for recent graduates (or soon-to-be graduates) who want to learn Perl. Successful applicants will receive four days of intensive training on Perl Training Australia's "Programming Perl" course in December, as well as the potential for industry placement. Each scholarship is valued at AUD $2200.

I asked Paul Fenwick of Perl Training about the scholarships. "Australia seems to be starved for Perl developers right now," he explained. "Strategic Data decided that rather than hiring people and then training them, it's more cost effective to reverse the process: Train a whole lot of people, and offer the most promising ones jobs."

This sounds like it could be a great way for beginning programmers to get their feet in the door. Sorry, candidates must live in Australia. Further information about the scholarships, including requirements and how to apply, can be found at Strategic Data's scholarship page.

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