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When I asked if you wanted more technical articles in Perlbuzz, there were two answers: a resounding “Yes!” and a less resounding but no less emphatic “No!” The path was clear: More technical articles for the people that want them, and sequestered in their own section for those that don’t.

We’ve now started the Mechanix column at The main Perlbuzz feed will continue to be mostly news & opinion about Perl in general, while articles relating to coding and programming specifically will wind up in Mechanix. I suspect that most of what winds up in Mechanix will be pointers to other technical articles, as with the current Mechanix articles, “80% Programmers” and Mark Dominus on undefined behavior. I also suspect that at some point that someone will complain that “This should have been in that section,” but such is the nature of arrangements like these.

Please also note that Mechanix is specifically vague.* I picked the name because it evokes a sort of code jockey feel to it, without tying down to anything in particular. For example, an article I have in my “to be written” folder is about my foray into the PHP 5.3 source code and the horrors that I’ve found.

I hope you’ll give Mechanix a try in your newsreader, and as always tell us what you think, either in comments on this entry, or emailing us at the “editors” mailbox for

* I bet that the Ruby guys pick up on my idea but call it “Four Horsemen”.

2 thoughts on “Mechanix, the new Perlbuzz section”

  1. * I bet that the Ruby guys pick up on my idea but call it “Four Horsemen”.

    Nah, doesn’t start with an “R”. Maybe “Rocinante”? “Ratchets”? Anyways, sounds like a good idea.

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