Do you want technical articles in Perlbuzz?


I just posted an article on Perlbuzz about speeding up DBI programs by binding variables. It's full of code, and has no news content. It says nothing about conferences or the Perl Foundation or any projects that people are working on, but I think it's useful information that the Perlbuzz readers would like to know.

Is this sort of article interesting to you? Would you like to see more "tech tip" sort of postings? Or do you get your code-heavy info from Perlmonks or some other site?

And, if we post more technical items on Perlbuzz, should they be posted in the main "news & opinion" Perlbuzz blog, or should we create another channel to keep the tech stuff separate?

We welcome your feedback, either as comments on this article, or emailed to editors at perlbuzz.


Yes, please give us more of that kind of articles. Very much appreciated.

Post the techie stuff too!

I think that a) it's good stuff and b) it's unnecessary to do another stream unless the amount of postings will be significant.

I love me my perlmonks but I still think this is something that can function as a useful thing for the community.

I vote for a separate area

I'm all for tech articles. A separate feed might be nice for those who aren't interested, but by all means, bring on the code!

I would love to see a section for technical articles and tips. Call it Tech Chatter or something in keeping with the theme.

Yes, I'd like more code and examples for explanation of topics. Not sure what the audience is here, yet if it's mostly programmers, more code is good :)

I didn't even know you could bind variables like that ($sth->bind_columns()).

I would prefer to not see technical information here. I thought your DBI article was interesting, but it belongs on perlmonks, or some similar site. I think you should use this site for news and discussion. References on Perl Buzz to your articles or other interesting technical articles on other worthy sites would be great.

yes, all technical articles are welcomed!

I vote for tech articles.
If some people think that this is not the place, maybe a separate channel will make all of us happy :)

I'm all in favor for technical articles, if they are published exclusively here.

Since I have subscribed the RSS feed as well I see many articles twice.

I like technical articles, but I don't want to see them twice as well.

This is Perl *Buzz*. Stay on mission! Don't loose focus.

Tech articles are not 'buzz'. Short summaries, with links, of good tech articles elsewhere are.

I'd *much* rather see Perl Buzz post regular *editorial summaries* of recent activity on perlmonks and elsewhere.

The key point is to add value by giving just enough information for most people to be able to decide if they'd like yo follow the link.

Agree with Tim,

I want you to be my editor. What good stuff is out there that I should be reading. Give me the 3 line synopsis and then if I want more I'll dive deep.

thanks for asking, great to see you are trying to listen to your audience.

keep up the great work

I agree with Tim. Putting tech articles on Perl Buzz will just make it that much harder for someone to find what they're looking for if they're looking for Perl tech solutions. I also think that posting about (and linking to) a good tech article (Perl or otherwise) is a great choice. We should be weaving the existing Perl sites together and playing on the strengths of each.

Also as Tim said, Perl Buzz would be a great place to summarize the goings on in other places (mailing lists, perlmonks, use.perl, etc).

Wow, it seems that I'm the third person that just agrees with Tim. I'm not English mother-tongue, but I always thought that "buzz" was something related to "news".

Anyway, I don't see any problem in a separate tech section, as long as the "normal" stream is... just buzz! Even tough it would probably be better to put tech stuff where people normally goes to look for it.

Great job anyway!

In my opinion, this site would be best if its content sticked to news. However, it could be nice if this included a feed of particularly interesting articles, a bit like CPAN Watch.

Yes, please

I'd prefere if tech articles aren't published on perlbuzz. I come here for news and summaries of activites. I go to other places for tech stuff. Specialisation++

I agree with Tim as well, but i also think that if something hasn't been published elsewhere, you should publish it. And if there is discussion of something going on elsewhere, feel free to add to it.

Tech articles are welcome. Please keep them up. It's true that PerlBuzz should be about perl news and events about the community. And of course, two feeds would be best for people using old or unfiltered rss applications which aren't able to promote/collate duplicate content and parse links in them.

But for the tech papers, if you look at perlmonk's tutorials, or Q&A, all articles are out-dated. It's the same on Every new article is coming month and month later, the last one was in september... I don't say that they don't work, or that they're inaccurate but every single site about perl seems to be frozen. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be perl 6, but it will be finished, as they say, when it will be finished... At least we'll get 5.10 in a few month.

The article on DBI was delightful. Please keep it on the right track.

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