Perl 5.10.0 RC1 is now available


Rafaël Garcia-Suarez has put out the first release candidate for Perl 5.10.0. This will be the first new release of a production version of Perl in over 2½ years, so well worth taking a look at.

Again, for an introduction to the features in Perl 5.10's new features, see Ricardo Signes' slides for his talk Perl 5.10 For People Who Aren't Totally Insane.


This RC1 was put on PAUSE during Rafaël's lightning talk at the French Perl Workshop.

The audience was very happy, as were the organizers. (who applied some friendly pressure to Rafaël in the last few month to have something like this happen during their conference... ;-)

I am having Pavlovian drools!!!

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