Perl Foundation and Mozilla Foundation team up for Perl 6 grant


Richard Dice has announced that the Perl Foundation and Mozilla Foundation have joined to give Patrick Michaud a development grant to work on Perl 6 for four months. Patrick is already the Perl 6 compiler pumpking.

The goals are impressive:

  • Have a Perl 6 on Parrot implementation that supports commonly-used Perl 6 constructs;
  • Improvements to the Perl 6 test suite;
  • Substantially complete the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, including documentation;
  • Increased community participation in Perl 6 and Parrot development, including development efforts on other languages using Parrot and the Parrot Compiler Toolkit.

I'd like to thank TPF and Mozilla Foundation for doing this. I think this will be quite a boost in Perl 6 development, and it will be visible to everyone. When much of the Perl community, including Yours Truly, has doubts about Perl 6 ever seeing the light of day, this is exactly what is needed.


Does Mozilla have any particular interest in Perl 6 or is this merely philanthropic?

These are all wild guesses, but Mozilla Foundation's involvement may have something to do with slide no. 277 at Audrey's presentation "Intro to Pugs".

Maybe Mozilla is looking for alternatives to JS runtime environments.

Maybe Mozilla is trying to diversify the web scripting landscape. Client-side scripting with VBScript was a failure (thank goodness), but it doesn't mean that JS should be the only client-side language out there.

And, going even further into the wild guessing territory - Google has a certain interest in Mozilla, too ... feel free to let your imagination go wild here ...

In any case - best of luck and thanks to Patrick and to everyone involved.

Audrey's presentation "Intro to Pugs" is available at

It's philanthropic.

The Mozilla Foundation has a side mission to encourage the whole ecosystem of free software, not just the open web. Occasionally the foundation makes a donation to encourage the development of free software only tangentially related to the open web.

(I attended a meeting with a representative from the Mozilla Foundation.)

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