A couple of happy new Perl users


Ask Bjørn Hansen pointed me at a posting called Perl -- An Awesome Programming Language. I have to agree, of course, although some of his assertions could use some gentle re-education, such as "the only drawback with Perl is that it usually is not compiled, but interpreted. One disadvantage because of this is that the user cannot just type the name of your program to run it." Nonetheless, we're glad to have Matt Mik added to our fold.

My Google Alerts also turned up a user who was converted to Perl because of the ease with which he could use WWW::Mechanize as a web scraper. Does my heart good to know that he was reading Spidering Hacks, although it makes me feel a little old to have a book from 2003 talk about Mech.


Unfortunately, it seems we may have lost one too.

I don't think the XKCD cartoon indicates anything like that.

It was the image title that lead me to that conclusion: "I wrote 20 short programs in Python yesterday. It was wonderful. Perl, I'm leaving you."

Of course, it is just a comic. It is hard to know how serious he might be.

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