State of the Onion 2007: Let's go scripting


It makes me sad to hear Perl programming called "scripting". "Stop saying script" is a common refrain of mine. I gave a lightning talk about this at OSCON 2007, and a few hours later, Larry Wall, Perl's creator, gave his State Of The Onion in the same room, and reviewed my lightning talk like so:

_   /|
   U    ack --thpppt!

Well, if you're gonna get dissed, might as well be by Larry, right? To read why he disagrees with me, see his just-published transcription of the State Of The Onion. I agree with his points, and yet, my core concerns about "scripting" being seen as not really programming still stand. How to combine the two?


How to reconcile the two positions? At the level you present the problem I'm not sure, but I don't think this is the useful level to frame the situation. You're both engaged in _marketing_. That is, crafting a message for an audience. What you both need to realize is that you're targetting different audiences, and that each position makes sense for the audience you're targetting.

Larry's "let's go scripting" talk (which IMHO is one of the best State of the Onions he has given in years) wants to assure programmers (or perhaps sysadmins) that "scripting" is easy and Perl is a great scripting language, so don't be afraid! Come over here where the living is easy!

Andy, I think you're targetting the "enterprise" realm where you need respect, gravitas and the blessing of The Mg't in order to be used, and you're not going to get that if you're perceived as a "scripting tool."


Richard, I agree with your framing. I just wish there was language we could use that would handle both.

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