What people are saying about Perl 5.10


Here's a collection of articles about the release of Perl 5.10.

First, since I'm still wearing the PR hat for the Perl Foundation, I mailed off notifications to many different big news sources. Both Dr. Dobbs Journal and Infoworld published articles about the release. Alas, the Infoworld article has some inaccuracies, but I'm glad to have Perl's name on such a widely-read site.

macnn, a big Mac news site, has good coverage of ActivePerl's release of both Perl 5.10 and ActiveTcl.

Kai 'Oswald' Seidler at apachefriends.org declares "we didn't update Perl because the new 5.10.0 seems to be a development version, and in XAMPP we only support 'stable' versions." Apparently XAMPP is an all-in-one bundle of web tools that you can slap onto your machine. If anyone has more info on Seidler's perceptions of 5.10 as being a development version, which it most certainly isn't, I'd be interested.

LinuxDevices.com has a nice write-up and summary. I wonder how many Linux devices Perl lives in.

HiveMinds Magazine mentions Perl 5.10, and then asks about Perl 6. "I just wish someone would write some insider info on Perl 6 before the new year," says author ahamilton. Hey, I'm working on it. (Also interesting that it's HiveMinds magazine, similar to Hiveminder, a web application run by Jesse Vincent, the Perl 6 project manager.)

The announcement at osnews.com spawned a 20+ message thread about Perl's continued relevance and where Perl 6 is. Thanks to Juerd for fighting some FUD.

That's the roundup of Perl 5.10 postings that I've seen so far. One downside of releasing Perl 5.10 a week before Christmas is that people are interested in other things than talking about programming. I'm hoping news outlets notice the articles I've sent after the holiday break. Please let me know about other Perl 5.10 postings you may find.


in Russian:
http://www.opennet.ru/opennews/art.shtml?num=13340 - release perl 5.10
http://www.opennet.ru/opennews/art.shtml?num=13315 - 5.10 features review (20 comments).

I sent Kai an email explaining the Perl 5.10 is the latest stable release with super cool features.

I will 5.10 when rpm or deb packages will be available for debian and suse/redhat.

If anyone has more info on Seidler's perceptions of 5.10 as being a development version, which it most certainly isn't, I'd be interested.

Hmmm ... maybe from www.perl.com:

The latest version of Perl is 5.10.0. The Perl 5 Porters believe this is a stable, well-tested release, but recommend testing with your production code before deployment.

The current version of Perl is 5.8.8. This is a stable, tested release that you should use in production environments.

Kinda weaselly worded ... don't you think?

I'm with derby on this one. The perl.org download page links to this:


Which says:

The latest release is 5.10.0.
The stable release is 5.8.8.

No wonder people think Perl 5.10.0 is a development version; it's clearly not stable!

I updated Perl.com after the CPAN announcement and tried to mirror its language without saying that Perl 5.10 is unstable. I believe it's very stable and worth upgrading, but I don't believe in upgrading without some testing.

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