For some time now, there’s been confusion about the multiple versions of Perl 6. Per Larry’s wishes, Perl 6 is a specification of the language, and not an actual implementation. There will also be no “default” implementation of Perl 6. Pugs has been going strong for a while, based on Haskell. We’ve been talking about what to call Perl 6 that runs on Parrot, and Patrick Michaud worked with Damian Conway to come up with it: Rakudo.

It’s a name the Damian has discussed before, and Yours Truly just so happened to own, hoping to be able to use it for something good and Perly. For a while, it hosted wikis that are now over at, and it’s sat idle since then. I’m glad I didn’t let it lapse, because now it can be an information center for the project. So far I’ve got a blog up, and I hope we can get more excitement about the project going as we post more details about the project there.

Read more about why “Rakudo” and the future of the project over at the brand new