First what in five years?

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The news about Perl 5.10 is everywhere, and it didn't take that much emailing of news editors on my part. However, I have one regret.

I should have made it more clear in the announcement that Perl 5.10 is the first major change in the Perl language in five years. What I wrote was "Today the Perl Foundation announces the release of Perl 5.10, the first major upgrade to the wildly popular dynamic programming language in over five years." Unfortunately, that got shortened in headlines to the incorrect "first release of Perl in five years", which ignores 5.8.1 through 5.8.8, and has since been spread far and wide.

I'm glad the news is getting out there, but wish it were more accurate.

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Is there any news, in the journalistic/investigative sense, on when gentoo and debian (and others) might finally get around to packaging 5.10?

I'm a little surprised it's been this long with no word from the big distributions. Perhaps I just don't know where to look.

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