Interviews with Michaud & Dice

Here are a couple of interviews for your reading enjoyment. Patrick Michaud talks about Perl 6 in advance of FOSDEM ’08, a conference in Brussels. The interview is a bit old, pre-dating the naming of Rakudo.

In the second interview, Richard Dice talks about his 14 years with Perl, and current news about the Perl Foundation.

You know, I’m guessing there’s other good content in $foo perl magazin, but since Richard’s interview is the only thing in English, it’s going to have to stay at the guessing stage.

1 thought on “Interviews with Michaud & Dice”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for posting this.

    My interview in the print version of the magazine was translated to German from English. (I only wish I spoke German that well!) The English you point to on the web site is by my request to Renée Bäcker that the original English interview be made available.

    – Richard

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