R.E.M. releases videos under Artistic License 2.0


You may be hearing murmurs about this, so by my reckoning it falls on me to document it. R.E.M. have taken a stand by releasing the videos from their new album under Artistic License 2.0. The Artistic License 2.0 is a product of the Perl Foundation, and is the license under which Perl is released.

Normally creators have turned to Creative Commons for movies & music, so it's interesting to see R.E.M. buck the trend and use Artistic License. This can only help the visibility of open source. I'm glad that of all the licenses out there, they chose the one I love. Maybe there'll be a point in the future when Artistic 2.0 is used everywhere, that it will be automatic for the people who create music to think of TPF's license.

(Please send complaints about R.E.M. references to the dead letter office /dev/null.)


After re-reading the Artistic Licence 2.0, I found myself wondering whether Clause 9 meant that I would, for example, be able to include a version of the REM video clip into a TV commercial or other format, and make mention in the advert to the licence conditions being available on a website as part of the advert... not that I've got any remote plans of this nature, but I was just wondering how licencing video clips, which include the audio track as well, under an 'open licence' like this - and making the condition of re-distribution that I provide REM with a 'source' - perhaps the Final Cut Pro project file? - under Clause 4.

I guess releasing multimedia, where the concepts of source and modification are a bit more blurry compared to code raises some interesting questions as to how the licence might be inferred to work with this very different media.

Yay! ♥ REM. :-)


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