Tell us how to do it, Andi!


Andi Gutmans, founder of Zend which drives PHP, takes a swipe at Perl 6 in this interview:

So we are anticipating a long rollout cycle for PHP 6, and we did not want to take the same route that the Perl project did, with project contributors still working on Perl 6 I think six years later. People make fun of Microsoft, but take a look at Perl 6. . . .

Sure, PHP 6 may have a shorter release cycle than Perl 6 has, but at the end of it all, we'll have Perl 6, and you'll still have PHP.

Just sayin'.



It gets more fun. Zend pays people to hack on PHP -- and I assume more than $10k once every few years -- and the big new feature of PHP 6 is Unicode, probably. Namespaces'll get cut again.

I'd post the list of new features in Perl 6, but my fingers will get tired.

It seems a bit early for him to gloat about quick releases, considering how much trouble they've had getting people to move off PHP4, a product released 8 years ago. PHP6 contains some difficult pills to swallow, like Unicode and the accompanying performance hit it brings. That's likely to make adoption even slower than PHP5.

"...but at the end of it all, we'll have Perl 6, and you'll still have PHP."


Hm, actually namespaces seem to be in the latest PHP 5.x version, so I'm probably very wrong about them getting cut from PHP 6.

Aplause, Andy (not Andi).

Rasmus said months ago that the web was broken and the solution was PHP. Now Andi gives us his pearls of wisdom. Chutzpah at its best.

Just another case of the PHP monkey flinging poo at Perl. It's a shame that they have to try to build themselves up by trying to tear others down.

Nevertheless this PHP-guy makes a point: The perl-community has to speed up Perl6-development to catch up with this mediocre PHP-stuff, which is wide(r) spread already.


maybe those php jerks get their things DONE?

- Wordpress
- Typo3
- OpenX
- etc., etc.

Any ideas about Perl, __Not__ Catalyst-Hype?

No, ok.

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