Who will take over perl101.org?


Who out there has some free time and is interested in helping out beginners?

My little project for Perl beginners, Perl101.org, has been largely ignored lately. My idea was to have a cookbooky style set of pages that beginners could read for things like the right way to get a count of elements in an array, or how to extract links from a web page without using a regular expression.

It started out pretty nicely, but has lain fallow for months now. I'd like it if someone could take it over. I'll hand over the domain name and the Google Code project for the site, and you'll keep this going and make it something more useful. If you want to overhaul how it works, or keep the same system going, it doesn't matter to me. All I require is that you'll do something useful for the beginners.

Any interest?


I have some interest. I actually want to add Japanese content, as there seems to be a lack of such material (and far fewer people who are bilingual *and* perl fluent).

if there are no other takers, please contact me at my PAUSE ID: DMAKI. Thanks!

I've been considering a project like this for a while, but hadn't yet dug down to that priority level. :) Since you already have the tools built and an initial bunch of entries loaded, it doesn't seem like a huge task to keep it going (as well as grooming the current site.) I'm the Editor in Chief of the Linux Gazette, so doing this seems more like adding another, similar task to what I'm already doing rather than starting up a brand new project. I also teach Perl for Sun, and am the author of the current revision of their Perl courseware.

@DMAKI: if you don't mind working together, I think we can work up some good Japanese content - my wife is a native Japanese speaker and has been teaching me the language (although I can't claim to have learned very much of it yet...)

Andy - please feel free to contact me at ben@okopnik.com - I'm on the road right now, heading home from teaching a class in Montreal, but will have access to email anytime that I'm not actually on a plane.

I'd be happy to take this over. I've been working on a system for programmed learning (interspersing questions between articles) and while it's not completely done, Perl101 would be an ideal application for these modules.

If anyone else wants to help, the more the merrier, of course. I can take the lead on it, or will be happy to play second fiddle. In my opinion, Perl needs recruits who learn to do things the right way from the outset and Perl101 seems to have great potential for helping this goal along!

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