From Thomas Klausner:

At the Oslo QA Hackathon 2008, during one evening meal, it became evident that
Jonathan Worthington would be able to spend even more time hacking on Rakudo
if he would get paid a little money for it. As still has some
money earmarked for Perl development, we encouraged Jonathan to send us a
proposal for funding him. Which he did. And which we accepted.

So starting next week, Jonathan will work on Rakudo one full day a week
(minimum of 8 hours of work), post about the work on the blog / He will recieve € 150 per day spend working on Rakudo. We
estimate that on average he will work 4 days per month. We agreed on funding
three months (~ €1,800) and evalute the grant after that time. If everybody is
happy, we will continue the grant until the end of 2008, where we will evaluate
again (and check if we still have money left).

More info available in the WoC Wiki.