Asciio lets you create ASCII charts graphically


Nadim has released Asciio, a Perl/GTK application that lets you draw ASCII charts using a GUI. Objects on the screen are sizable and have all the properties you'd expect in a drawing tool (titles for the boxes, bullets, etc), but the end result is plain text that's embeddable in your code.

Here's the first of two screencasts that give you a feel for its capabilities.

Nadim says "I find myself starting it quite often just to draw a little diagram that helps me write better Perl code. Then I can keep it in the code itself."


That's pretty cool, but holy crap that screencast is too long. Just a 30-60 second "Woohoo, Look at Me!" would be excellent.

I've just used Asciio for the first time and it was a piece of cake - and delicious cake at that!

Now I don't have to dig through my paperwork to find state transition diagrams to explain to me what my code is about - I can just put the diagram in a comment.

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