My schedule for YAPC::NA 2008


At work, we're planning the talks we want to go see at YAPC::NA in June. Here's the stuff that I wanna go see:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
    • 08:15: Social Perl (Facebook apps): Writing Facebook apps is going to be my new stretch project I think. I don't know what I want to do, but FB as app platform is clearly going some place.
    • 08:40: Fey::ORM: Mmmm, object mapping. I hate ORMs, and Dave Rolsky and I have talked about why they suck, so maybe his new one sucks less.
    • 09:05: Perl 5 VM: Every conference needs a session that hurts your head!
    • 10:05: Moose: All the cool kids are all about the Moose!
    • 10:55: Rakudo: As someone who contributes to Parrot and Rakudo, I really don't know much about its guts.
    • 13:00: Catalyst workshop: Catalyst seems ready to be the Perl Rails.
    • 14:50: pQuery and jQuery: I don't know jQuery at all, and JavaScript frameworks are beyond me. Let's hope this is a good introduction.
    • 16:05: Smolderbot: We use the smolderbot, but we don't yet have it running PHP tests. :-(
  • Wednesday

I'm also planning on being at the Parrot hackathon and the Sox game.

RJBS and hdp have posted their itineraries and commentary as well. If you post yours somewhere, please leave a comment here.


At the Act Hackathon we implemented the "personalized schedule" functionality, so that you can check which talk to attend on the schedule page and take a glance at them on your private page. Not sure if that's pushed to the production site...

Some day I will understand Unicode. Maybe this talk will be it.

This is the only intelligible one I've ever found on the subject. After reading it, I felt like I had a really good handle on the whole character set concept:

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