Perlsphere launches

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Earle "hex" Martin has started a new Perl blog aggregator. From his journal entry:

In the spirit of TMTOWTDI I have set up a new aggregator for Perl blogs, Perlsphere. Its aim is to operate a bit differently from Planet Perl...
  • Openness - admission to Planet Perl is by selection of the site operators only. Perlsphere is open to any blog about Perl.
  • Being a little easier on the eye - those jaggies on the Planet Perl camel scare me.
  • Most importantly, running on Perl. Perlsphere runs on the remarkable Plagger. Planet Perl runs on Planet, a Python application... whose templating engine was a copy of Perl's own HTML::Template! Kind of embarrassing.

Thanks to Earle for helping more flowers bloom.

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