Working to bring Perl to the Google App Engine

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Brad Fitzpatrick has announced that he is working on bringing Perl to the Google App Engine.

I'm happy to announce that the Google App Engine team has given me permission to talk about a 20% project inside Google to to add Perl support to App Engine. To be clear: I'm not a member of the App Engine team and the App Engine team is not promising to add Perl support. They're just saying that I (along with other Perl hackers here at Google) are now allowed to work on this 20% project of ours out in the open where other Perl hackers can help us out, should you be so inclined.

The architectural changes to make this happen are not insignificant. Check out Brad's post to find out how you can help.

1 Comment

I really hope this works out. Python is a really neat language imo, but perl is what I enjoy writing.

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