BarCamp Milwaukee 3 coming October 4th-5th

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Pete Prodoehl has just announce the third BarCamp Milwaukee, October 4th and 5th, 2008. Pete says

It's a gathering of tech enthusiasts from the Wisconsin area, Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, even Chicago. There will be sessions on web-related stuff, non-profits, co-working, and plenty of other topics. Plus, you get a free t-shirt, and we feed you! But you must participate, as there are no spectators at BarCamp. There's a good mix of presentations, discussions, working sessions and late night hacking, as well as media making, photos and video. In prior years we've had remote-control go-karts, videoblogging, gadgets, RSS and elevator hacking.

There's a video from last year's BarCamp. I hope to see you all there.

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It's good to see events like this gaining momentum. We have our own BarCamp Grand Rapids this coming weekend, and for the first time we've had to cap registrations due to the limits of our facilities.

Put a bunch of smart, motivated people together and see what happens!

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