Richard Dice trumpets Perl to the press


Go, Richard, go!

Richard Dice, president of the Perl Foundation, is part of an article on the "state of scripting languages" in CIO magazine.

Of all the scripting languages, Perl offers the biggest installed base of applications, of code, of integrated systems, of skilled programmers. It has the lowest defect rate of any open-source software product. It is ported to essentially every hardware architecture and operating systems, from embedded control systems to mainframes. It is optimized for speed, for memory footprint, for programmer productivity. It has readily-accessible libraries for all types of programming tasks: Web application development, systems and network integration and management, end-user application development, middleware programming, REST and service-oriented architecture programming. Perl is ideal for the organization that takes charge of its own IT future.

P E R L!
P E R L!
P E R L!
Go team!


Richard was far more articulate and clear than any of the other presenters in that article. It was a great read.

I agree mikebaas. It makes the case extremely succinctly and hit on the major issues. There is a reason Perl has such a large base on installed applications.

PERL is not so common scripting used around these days, I have been using it for quite some time now and just cannot believe how powerful it is.
I have been managing to do wonders with PERL, would highly recommend.

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