Why create?


why the lucky stiff encapsulates so much in this tweet:

when you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.

So much to think about. So much explained on a few short sentences.

It also meshes beautifully with Habit 1.

I'm going to be rolling that around in my head for a while.


_why is among the top 5 of the contemporary programmers that I respect the most. His code aesthetics and API design sensibilities are top notch. He is a true artist among coders.

If there is any Ruby programmer that the Perl community should follow, it is _why.

Can't agree with this at all.

Every person has the right to choose what they participate in, or of. If "narrow tastes" is somehow a sin that "excludes people", then I'm sorry; I'm going straight to hell due to the vast swathes of people I exclude. I don't happen to enjoy, for example, NASCAR, soap operas, gospel music, or table-top gaming.

It is nobody's place to tell me that I am somehow damaging others by doing so. Let alone to order that I should "compensate" by creating. I happen to be a creative person; I am a programmer. I make things for fun. But that's a choice as well. Whether I do or don't is entirely my privilege to decide. And for this "_why" character to make sweeping pronouncements on what all people must do is an insult to everyone's right of self-determination.


Thank you for showing why the tweet is such a powerful thought reminder. The important thing to note - it never said who is hurt!

If you believe that you can have a happy and fulfilling life without ever having another new experience, then please go on doing that. I believe _why's point is that we all need to create so we can individually expand our horizons.

Further, whether you know who _why is or not (and I honestly don't) doesn't mean what they said is any less valid. In fact, by discounting their words, you've "narrow[ed] and exclud[ed] people" due to your tastes.

Though I agree that the act of creating is a good thing, and can improve the world around us, I have to say that the opposite is also true:

When you create things, you restrict your experience to your abilities. Take in the works of others; expand and test your tastes. Learn.

_why's personality is pretty unique, and Shoes is a triumph of the graphical programming trend started by John Maeda's Design By Numbers. You have to take the quotation in the context of his quirky humour and approach (cartoon foxes and elves with pet hams teaching Ruby). I'd say he's done a lot to get previous non-programmers into programming, which can't be bad - and please don't argue that it *is* bad! Eveyone has to start somewhere.

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