Announcing "The Working Geek"


I started a new blog a while ago called The Working Geek, devoted to work issues of interest to techies of all stripes who work for a living. Topics have included how to speak Manager, personal networking and closing the deal at a job interview.

I'm going to be posting much more as I approach completion of my book Land the Tech Job You Love: Why Skill and Luck Are Not Enough to be published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. Bits of the book will probably make their way into blog posts, and I'll be posting more about work and tech articles that I see.

I hope to see you there. For convenience and so you don't have to leave the comfort of your newsreader, here's the feed.


Looks to be pretty interesting.

One note: the feeds in the blog's autodiscovery links are different from the feed listed here.


I think you might want to change the title of the book. Having the mis-spelling might decrease the sales projections. ;-)


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