Perl best administration practices


Michael Schwern has started a fantastic page on the Perl 5 Wiki onbest practices for keeping your Perl installation sane and happy.

Some high-level excerpts:

First and foremost thing I can say is if you depend heavily on Perl (or any single piece of technology) build it yourself.... Second, if you do build your own Perl, leave the system Perl alone..... Third, isolate your perl installs so you can have many installed in parallel....

Well-written information from someone who knows, and since it's a wiki, you can help add to it as well.


I generally agree, but what about mod_perl? I'm no sysadmin, so on my dev box I want to use Apple's builtin Apache and mod_perl. I am worried about a hassle getting it to work with a different Perl -- I tried Fink's Apache once, but it was a pain. Are there easy steps to get a custom Perl under Apache?

It's easy to build mod_perl, and if you don't want to use the system perl you don't want to use their mod_perl either. To build mod_perl against your own perl binary, just use the correct binary when running Makefile.PL, just like any other CPAN module.

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