Creating a module distribution with Module::Starter


As Chris Prather pointed out in Write your code like it's going on CPAN, Perl's module toolchain is getting better every day, and the support for good coding habits can help even if you don't want to distribute your code. However, starting a module distribution from scratch can be a daunting task.

I wrote Module::Starter a few years ago to make it easy to create a module distribution, but never wrote the kind of basic introduction that it needed. Now, Perl Training Australia has done just that with one of its Perl Tips, Starting a module with Module::Starter. I've already absorbed it into the Module::Starter distribution.

Module::Starter does happen to be getting a little long in the tooth, and I know that Ricardo Signes, for one, has started his own module creation magic. If Ricardo or any other authors would like to let Perlbuzz readers know about their projects, let me know.


++ Andy. I've been wanting to contribute to CPAN for a while now, and had imagined that packaging a module - like any good packaging system - would be painful, complicated, and prolonged. Using Module::Starter was a revelation, and it's great to know that Chris' advice isn't very hard to follow at all.

I too have been using Module::Starter in order to get my modules in shape for distribution on CPAN. Thanks so much Andy for a simple to use tool.

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