Is learning Perl the hard way the easy way?


Bruce Momjian, guru of PostgreSQL, has discovered the joys of Perl.

I have converted two of my most complex shell scripts to Perl; as shell scripts, they were slow and hard to maintain. The rewritten Perl scripts are 200-400 lines long (about the same length the original shell scripts) and 15-25 times faster because of the improved algorithms possible in Perl and reduced subprocess creation.

What was surprising to me was how he'd learned, via a book I'd never heard of before, Learning Perl The Hard Way. Has anyone in the Perl Buzz readership read it? Comments?


Yes ofcourse,that's probably the second perl book I've read(not entirely I guess),it was very interesting.
And the author Allen B. Downey is a very friendly and nice guy,I asked him some questions via e-mail and he answered promptly.
The book hasn't been promoted very much inspite of it's very interesting and nice content and it also has some nice exercices which make learning very interesting.
I believe "Learning Perl" by Randal Schwartz is the default book recommended by most people isn't it ?
But the book you have mentioned is not the only nice book he wrote,he also wrote "The little book of semaphores" which is also a rarity among the reading lists of many people(I have been recommended that book on IRC a long time ago).

It is worth adding that this "is a free book available under the GNU Free Documentation License".

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