Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2008 is underway

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John Cappiello writes:

So far I am enjoying the hallway track as always. Buglabs was semi interesting, but the business / product seems impractical, Rx talk by Ricardo Signes was both entertaining as always, and hopefully an informative piece to some, as it's quite an interesting product.

There's only one track today, so talks are limited. I'll send more info as it comes along, and I have more conference photos to be uploaded to Flickr already. They're all tagged ppw2008.

Any other reports from the field? Link to them in the comments!

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I have written a personal (long) debrief about my PPW experience, but have added sub-headings so you can (hopefully) ignore the stuff you don't care about. :)

Here is a link: Pittsburgh, Perl, and Working in Shops

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