Please enjoy the new design


I like the new design so much more. Less yellowy and blocky. Thanks to Kelli Forbes for doing the logo. If you need design stuff, email her at kjfwsd-hotmail-com. Thanks also to Chris Larkee here at Barcamp Milwaukee 3 for helping me override the Movable Type templates, and showing me slick stuff in Firebug that I didn't know it could do.


To be honest, I don't like it. The typo at the top is way too big and looks like it's still 1985. The header definitely should sit on its own distinctive background color. Making the blog a method on the $perl object is a funny idea though :-)

syntax highlighting? :)

I agree, the top is too large vertically. Change the font size to be about 33% smaller and it should be about right.

Probably it will get better with a smaller height, yes. Also, please consider updating the design on the other blogs (Mechanix, The Working Geek, etc), as they suck at the moment, cause this logo is being used and it is not transparent ;)


Also, the logo at the top should always link to the home page.

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