BBC joins Parrot Foundation advisory board

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The Parrot folks announced that the BBC was now on its advisory board, and it makes me happy to see. It's good to have big players in the Perl world like ActiveState join the advisory board, but I think it will mean much more to the outside world to see organizations outside of the software industry involved.

Thanks to all at the Parrot Foundation for what I'm sure took untold hours of discussion, red tape and finagling.

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No, I was just stepping down from running the TPF Grant Committee. I needed a break and someone else needed a chance at it. Fortunately, Alberto's doing a fantastic job. I still am a member of the grant committee, though. I'm just not running it.

As for the Parrot advisory board, that's a long story, but Parrot's a fantastic technology and in many ways is going to prove revolutionary. Many of us at the BBC are quite excited about its potential.

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