Lightning talks from outside the echo chamber

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I'm already tired of the hoohah about "Perl 5 is dead" and the hand-wringing and the useless flapping about what we should do. I'm more interested in what is going on in Perl that none of us have heard of yet.

If I didn't have family and book obligations, I'd gladly take two days off and an 18-hour round trip to Omaha, Nebraska to check out the lightning talks presented by the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Tuesday. Robert Fulkerson posted to the list:

The Fall 2008 UNO CSCI 2850 (Programming on the Internet) class invites you to an evening of lightning talks on Perl programming, the Firefox web browser and other (mostly) web-related topics.

Lightning Talks are no longer than 5 minutes and can be about anything: a new idea, an evaluation, an observation, a story, a complaint, an explanation, a suggestion, a report of success or failure, a call to action, a description of a technique, technology, or a lament.

Usually we split the talks over two nights, but this semester it's going to be one, big solid night of talks.

Where: Peter Kiewit Institute, Room 252 ( ) When: Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 Time: 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM


  • Writing a Greasemonkey script for FireFox to make BlackBoard tolerable
  • Obfuscating Perl
  • Connecting Perl to databases
  • Net::SSH::Expect
  • Using BioPerl for sequence analysis
  • Perl Google APIs
  • Acid Test 3
  • Gossamer Forum
  • Perl vs. Python
  • Index a website starting with a single page
  • Dictionary attack using Perl
  • iTunes playlist extractor: C++ vs. Perl
  • Regex Creator
  • Regex Coach
  • History of Perl
  • Software Pirating Debate (Spore, SecuROM)
  • Perl 6 vs. Perl 5
  • Rapid Exploit Development using Perl
  • SSH on iPod Touch
  • Regex usage in Perl vs. C
  • Ubuntu with Conky
  • Perl-XML: XML Made Easy with Perl!
  • Perl Module - GD::SecurityImage
  • Gmail:Checker module
  • Improving Perl program efficiency/performance
  • Subversion Tortoise client search
  • Perl PayPal APIs
  • JQuery UI
  • Talking to LCD projectors using Perl

"Talking to LCD projectors using Perl"? "Rapid Exploit Development using Perl"? "Perl 6 vs. Perl 5" by someone who (I assume) is not part of the core group? Someone get this on tape and YouTube 'em, willya?

I would love to be there. (Plus, then I could go get some Valentino's pizza).

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good topics, the most instersting to me is Perl Google APIs

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