Moving forward with Git and Perl


By Nadim Khemir

Perl is very often used as glue to quickly put together a functionality by using already existing components. This is a great use of Perl. Still, I believe that we made a mistake, a few years ago, when we kept being the glue instead for also becoming part of the componnents; this is one of the main reason Python took off, developers learned Python, an otherwise excellent language, to control and integrate into their favorite applications while Perl was still on the outside. I wish Perl was an intrinsic part of more applications.

Among the applications that have Perl bindings, Git is a very interesting one. There is a lot of interest for Git in the Perl community. This is partly due to Perl 5's source code going over to Git.

Pages like this on the Perl 5 wiki tell us that "Like Perl, Git has lots of flexbility, TIMTOWTDI" this matches The way most Perl developers think and may be why a lot of Perl developers are switching to Git. Git is easy to learn. Simple things are simple and complicated things possible. Rings a bell? There are many Perl developers involved in Git. Randal Schwartz even made a presentation on git, and we've seen articles here on Mechanix.

And there are multiple modules on CPAN to handle Git-related functionality. The Git community itself has a module that is part of the Git distribution. needed some love and I am taking over its maintenance. My hope is to help the Git community and the Perl community as well.

What's in it for the Git and Perl community?

  • Involvement of the Perl community in the Perl component distributed with Git
  • A closer cooperation.
  • Making Perl developer aware of version control systems.
  • Unify, if wished for, the multiple Git modules of CPAN (other are under construction but not on CPAN yet), this would be better for maintenance and for the users.
  • Not directly related but a wish, a CPAN with better versioning strategy.
  • What you need (but you have to tell us. I'll be happy to get input from the Perl community, at, in the form of comments, and patches)

Jakub Narebski has written an RFC for the Perl bindings for the Perl bindings. This is an excellent stating point.

Nadim Khemir is a technical manager and architect at Ericsson Mobile Platform in Sweden. His favorite subjects are process automation and build systems. He can be contacted at and is often seen on #perl-qa.


Alright Nadim, glad to see you take this initiative, it is a Good Thing.

I agree more Perl components in non-Perl system would be an excellent. I'm working on a library to make embedding easier, maybe I should write/send an article about it one of these days.

Perl: Cross-platform.
Git: No reliable native Windows port yet and this sux :p (at least for me)

I wonder why not Mercurial getting some buzz from the Perl world? :p

Leon, I also think, that the great number of perl components out of the Perl inself will be the good thing!

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