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There's plenty of news out in the Perl world that is worth noting, but doesn't get a full-blown write-up in Perlbuzz. Someone will send me something saying "Hey, this is cool for Perlbuzz," and it is, but I don't have anything to say about it, so I never run it.

I'm going to start posting more of those to the Perlbuzz Twitter account at You can follow that feed, even if you don't have a Twitter account, because every Twitter account has RSS/Atom syndication.

I'm using App::BLT to do the posting. Makes it super simple for me to pop open a shell, type in

$ blt 'Blah blah Moose YAPC::EU Rakudo yada yada http://url.whatever'

So here's hoping I can get more news out there, without having to spend so much time doing it.


I disagree with this approach entirely. If there's a link important enough for you to post, then it's important enough to post here. You should be able to just as easily write a quick little command line app to post here. Otherwise what you're doing is forcing your users to go to two different places to read the news for Perlbuzz.

I understand that, JT, but I also don't like the idea of having blog post that is nothing but a link.

What I'm planning on doing is having an aggregator post the one-off links for a given day in a post here.

yes, i have Twitter account and i'll do this

Whether you like the idea or not isn't relevant. This site is supposed to be about your readers, not about you. That's the nature of every site. It's about audience, not author.

Not only that, but if you do this route, and decide to monetize this site at some point through ad revenue, paid subscription, or whatever, then you're just giving your traffic away.

Maybe I'm just bitter because twitter is the dumbest invention yet to hit the web. But we've chatted up this subject at our office, and at least 50% of the staff agrees that twitter is useless. And since 75% of our staff speaks perl and uses this site, methinks you're losing readership. Our shop is made up of a wide array of Perl geeks, so I can't imagine it's that much different than your overall readership. Bottom line, making this decision means you're losing readership.

Of course it matters what I think. My vision for what Perlbuzz should be is what it is.

I want every Perlbuzz article to be something that people will want to read. I want more quality, not quantity. I suspect that lowering signal/noise will get more readers, and more dedicated readers, than spewing everything possible.

I also think you missed the part where I said "What I'm planning on doing is having an aggregator post the one-off links for a given day in a post here." Meaning I'll take a day's worth of tweets and wrap 'em up in a single posting here at Perlbuzz.

I didn't miss it. I ignored it. One of the things you listed in your original post is that it's less work for you to post at Twitter. But i think it's more. You have to post multiple times, and you have to put the aggregator in place. Why not just put one post on this blog directly with "The Links of the Day"?

I clearly haven't convinced you of anything, so i'll concede rather than use up anymore of either of our compute cycles.

Based on how I work, it's less work for me to post something to Twitter than it is to post to Perlbuzz. I also don't want to do the work of doing the aggregating. I may post tweets all day from a number of different places.

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