Everyone's jumping in to the Perl 6 pool

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There have been many blog posts over the past few weeks with people writing Perl 6 code for entries to the Microsoft Winter Scripting Games.

Patrick Michaud's original call to action got a number of people blogging and posting to use.perl.org (example) with their Perl 6 soutions.

Dave Whipp posted his solutions, with some great explanation and commentary along the way. I just wish he'd used a fixed-width font for the code.

(I'd feel remiss if I didn't point out the silliness of referring to Perl and other dynamic languages as "scripting languages" simply because they don't require a behemoth like Visual Studio or a Java install to work with.)

1 Comment

There is also a nice (and growing) list of solutions started by Eric Hodges on github that anyone can add to. Just fork it and send a pull request when you're done =)

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