Perlbuzz news roundup 2009-03-21

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I don't see having an autoposting widget for Perlbuzz any time soon, so if you want these more current, keep an eye on the Perlbuzz Twitter account directly.

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Hi Andy! Thanks for all your work on perlbuzz.

I accept the use of shortened URLs on micro-blogging services - although's shortened URLs or's shortened URLs are shorter than's and less obnoxious). However, I don't see why they should be present in a normal (non-micro) blog post. Please evaluate them into their longer forms by using LWP or whatever.

I should also note that I've recently been micro-blogging on and they allow you to share a link to an arbitrarily-long URL inside a single message, which is one aspect that Plurk is superior to Twitter. So you may consider using it instead of Twitter (and Plurk can syndicate to Twitter AFAIR).

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