Updating the Perlbuzz look


Thanks to Perlbuzz reader James Robson for updating the Perlbuzz logo. It's a little more polished, and it's smaller so not quite so imposing on the front page. Now if only I understood all the CSS magic in the templates that I need to override. I love Firebug but I still don't get what I need to adjust to tighten up the yellow bar.


How about changing #header-content in screen.css, line 205 to

margin:30px 0 40px 20px;

Or change the first and the third of margin to tighten more.

Ups, should be margin:30px 0 30px 20px;

the header reddish color ( i dont know what this color is called) is not consistent with the yellowish logo.

It make the blog look amateurish, I think you should switch ti to black or yellow to make it more consistent with the logo!

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