Perlbuzz news roundup for 2009-05-14


The following are collected from the Perlbuzz Twitter feed.


I really don't see the benefit in linking to uninformed rants (the CPAN's new clothes)

What's uninformed about it? I don't see anything factually incorrect.

The assumption that github will save us all, for starters. The assumption that it is a single stack of services provided for by "the people who run CPAN". The general non-constructive criticism.

Wishing things will be better based on what a certain individual considers to be better for themselves does not make "news" IMHO. If he actually proposed a solution that involves facts or was trying to change things... sure. But as it stands that post is just unhelpful FUD bait.

Very little up there is "news," really.

So really, your response is "Patches welcome, I don't see you giving code, so your comments aren't valid."

It's not always necessary to provide patches to have a valid point. Maybe his job is just to raise the issues, where others come along and get the work done. See also my rethinking-cpan Google Group.

Could you please generate two versions of news roundups: one for twitter with its message length limit, using shortened URL, and one for the web with full, not shortened URL below the description, as in first roundup.

Thanks in advance...

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