Attention all Vim-using Perl programmers


If you use Vim for your Perl programming, here's a new project and mailing list you might be interested in.

A few months ago I became the maintainer of the syntax/perl.vim file that comes with vim. I started a github project for it for maintaining the perl.vim file, and for starting to get a perl6.vim file together that could be put into the vim core as well. There are a couple of versions of perl6.vim and I need to make sure we get the latest/greatest to Bram for inclusion.

Now that github added capability for issue tracking, there's now a vim-perl issue tracker, and I created a Google group for vim-perl as well.

This project + group are not intended to be just about the .vim files. I want to discuss all aspects of using Perl and Vim together, so join in and share your tips and ideas.

If there are any Emacs, Eclipse, etc equivalents, let me know so I can post about those, too.


Please consider starting from as that fixes basically every bug I've encountered with vim's syntax highlighting of Perl code.

Already noted at

I just wanted to get some infrastructure together before I started pulling things in.

Are you planning on also including features similar to perl-support.vim?

By that I mean: Boilerplate, macros, perltidy/critic, and other IDE-like features?

There is an Emacs equivalent by Jonathan Rockway.

Is there a cperl-mode equivalent for perl6 yet?

JOe: There is one in the pugs repository but it hasn't been worked on for quite a while:

Are you planning on also including features similar to perl-support.vim?

Right now, I'm not planning on anything other than updating the various perl.vim files. The rest is up to whatever people want to contribute.

I could see the project becoming more than just the official Vim files, anyway.

I would really like for the vim plugin to support both Moose and MooseX::Declare's syntactic sugar. Not only the syntax highlighting of their keywords, but also the recognition of the folding elements (attributes and method modifiers are not foldable with the current file).

This plugin: is a very good starting point.

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