Lots of stuff happening over the past week because of OSCON.

These links are collected from the
Perlbuzz Twitter feed.
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  • Simon Cozens is “about 60% of the way there” working on a new way to install web apps (simon-cozens.org)
  • vim configs including key bindings for Ack in Project (structurallysoundtreehouse.com)
  • What should the world know about Perl? (perlbuzz.com)
  • Perl book sales down 14% (radar.oreilly.com)
  • Agh, I didn’t realize the article I skimmed was four years old. Ignore, ignore! (radar.oreilly.com)
  • Perl 6 Projects (perl6-projects.org)
  • Three things in Perl 6 that are not so great (use.perl.org)
  • Recap of @skud‘s #oscon keynote on sexism in open source (radar.oreilly.com)
  • Any steps you take to include women in your project will only increase the total pool of hackers who can work on it! (radar.oreilly.com)
  • Larry’s discussion of the cool new error messages in Perl 6 is inspiring. So helpful for the coming transition.
  • Banner from first ever Perl Conference went for $60 in the #oscon auction
  • White Camel winners: @timbunce, @Schwern, BooK.
  • RT @timbunce The screencast of my NYTProf v3 and perl optimization talk at #oscon is available at (timbunce.blip.tv)
  • RT @rakudoperl Moritz Lenz released Rakudo Perl #19 — (rakudo.org)
  • RT @clonezone Tim Bunce (@timbunce) is amazing. Perl is lucky to have someone like him around.
  • My to-do list always grows post-OSCON (perlbuzz.com)
  • Behind the scenes of a Rakudo Perl release (use.perl.org)
  • Video of @skud‘s keynote at #oscon on women in open source (blip.tv)
  • What does the outside of Perl look like? (use.perl.org)