Perlbuzz news roundup for 2009-07-17

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These links are collected from the Perlbuzz Twitter feed. If you have suggestions for news bits, please mail me at

  • What's Ricardo Signes working on? (
  • Test::Pod now checks for illegal L<> constructs (
  • Changes in the board of the Perl Foundation (
  • Parrot covered in SDTimes (
  • WWW::Mechanize::Cached under new ownership, now with first new version in five years (
  • How I came to contribute to Perl 6 (
  • Join the Padre team for Padre's first birthday party (
  • On Parrot: "Truly, this is a project to watch." (
  • 48% of Perlbuzz feed subscribers are from outside the USA
  • Jim Brandt to represent Perl in open source language roundtable webcast (
  • I'm ready to give Brad Choate a big smooch for Text::Textile just about now. (
  • Perl's own Skud will be keynoting at OSCON (
  • Generating heat maps with Perl (
  • Testers needed for next release of Strawberry (

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