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Shlomi Fish wrote in to tell about updates on the site for Perl beginners with which he's involved:

After the last news item, a lot of work was invested into Perl-Begin.org, the Perl Beginners' Site, making it even better than it used to be. Here's a summary of the changes:

We hope you enjoy the new Perl Beginners' Site and please recommend it to your friends. All content on Perl-Begin is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence which allows almost unlimited re-use.

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There seems a definite bias in some of those categories.

For example, under GUIs, listing gtk2-perl last and describing it as looking 'quite foreign on Microsoft Windows' (I have Camelbox installed on many windows machines, and the interface doesn't really look quite foreign). wxPerl 'provides a lot of convenience' , except for the limited event loop wxWidgets brings compared to Gtk2 or Tk.

Under CGI and Web Programming, CGI::Application 'is still useful for organizing code and using templates', while with Catalyst 'one can build web applications with ease' and Catalyst has 'many useful modules for it on CPAN, that provide interfaces to many other modules'. Both of these can easily be said of CGI::Application.

It seems like some entries were added just for completeness and not as a real attempt to document their functionality.

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