_After [I posted this this first time](http://perlbuzz.com/2009/07/my-to-do-list-always-grows-post-oscon.html), I thought of a bunch of other
things I have to do post-OSCON, and I’ve had to modify items from the first list._
Every year at OSCON I come home with a head full of ideas, and
better yet, a huge list of new things to work on. Since [the
book](http://www.pragprog.com/titles/algh/land-the-tech-job-you-love) is
now done, and OSCON is now over, there’s a chance I could work on
* Ack plug-ins
* I’ve been wanting to have plug-ins for
[ack](http://betterthangrep.com/) for at least a year now, and
I’ve connected with a number of people like Randy J. Ray who
are on board to help me out. First task: Move it on over to
* Coverity scans for Parrot
* Met with David Maxwell of [Coverity](http://coverity.com/)
and he fired up the Coverity bot for Parrot, and now I have new
niggling bugs to pick at. Plus, Parrot needs dependency building on the C files.
* PR work for first big release of Rakudo
* There will be the first major release of [Rakudo](http://rakudo.org)
in spring 2010, and I got some plans going with Patrick Michaud
to figure how we were going to build up buzz for that. I also
have the notes from Damian’s Perl 6 talk which are a fantastic
summary of Perl 6’s cool new features.
* Human Creativity
* Julian Cash has been having Jos Boumans do all his Perl work
for the [Human Creativity](http://humancreativity.org) project,
but I offered up my services to do whatever he wants. Turns
out the Julian is also working with Devin Crain, who I’ve known
for years in an entirely non-geeek context.
* Hiring horror stories
* Got some great response to
[my talk on job interviewing](http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/schedule/detail/8074),
and as always the stories resound the most. I talked to a few
people afterwards who said they’d give me some horror stories
I can run on [The Working Geek](http://theworkinggeek.com) as
instructive examples of how not to do things, and why they’re
so awful.
* Play with R
* I got a book on R from [REvolution Computing](http://www.revolution-computing.com/)
that seems like a good introduction. Then I ran into
[Paul Huff](http://twitter.com/phuff/status/2827077514) at SJC
and he gave me a crash course in graphing my book sales and
Amazon ranking. Maybe I’ll do some statistical coolness at work.
* Play with NY Times’ open APIs
* Speaking of coolness at work, I’ve got some ideas on how to
use the open API data for the NYT’s best seller lists at my day
* Text::Textile needs a CLI tool
* My slides for Just Enough C are in Textile, and Brad Choate
reminded me that we wanted to do a textile command-line tool in
the package as a front-end to the module.
* Anti-spam and Drupal updates for rakudo.org
* [rakudo.org](http://rakudo.org) is running straight Drupal,
and we get a bunch of spam every so often. I meant to talk
some Drupal folks out in SJC, but never did.
For those of you leaving OSCON, what tasks did you just assign
yourself in the past week?