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  • Perl described in five sentences (
  • RT @chromatic_x perl 6 is some 6% faster today. You’re welcome.
  • “Perl is full of odd, and they like it like that.” (
  • Why Users Dumped Your Open Source App for Proprietary Software (
  • Book review of The Definitive Guide to Catalyst (
  • YAPC::NA 2009 survey results available (
  • RT chromatic_x Rakudo Perl 6 passes 26% more spectests (and the test suite has grown by 19%) since the August 2009 release.
  • Learn Github (
  • Submitted with eye-rolling: The $case_insensitive flag on PHP define() (
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  • Curtis “Ovid” Poe added to Board of Directors of the Perl Foundation (
  • How not to restart mod-perl servers (